Why Quality wins every time when it comes to flooring

We live in disposable world.   

Wouldn’t you rather invest in something that’s going to last and give you pleasure for years to come?  It’s too easy to buy cheap, then buy twice.

For our homes, high quality flooring feels good, looks good and makes a real difference to the style and tone of the property.

And, your flooring gets noticed, you know.  It could affect the re-sale value of your home should you decide to move.  

Spoilt for Choice?   

There are so many options out there.  Do you find it all a bit confusing?

You want to choose something that lives up to family wear and tear and that, let’s be honest here, lifts your spirits a bit when you get up in the morning and feels soft under foot.  But, you don’t want to spend a fortune. On the other hand, people keep telling you that if you buy cheap you buy twice.

So.  A new carpet, rug or vinyl flooring.  You know what you want but should you save or splurge?  At Forest Flooring, our philosophy is simple:

Buy the best you can afford but consider your reasons for doing so.  Let’s explain:


Scenario one: you’re a double-income couple with no children.  You work hard and you both appreciate the finer things in life, let’s say.  Your home is the ultimate sanctuary at the end of the day.

Scenario two: you’re a landlord just about to organise renovations in a property, including the purchase and fitting of new carpets throughout.

For our couple, it makes sense to invest in a pure wool carpet.  As carpet experts, we can spot these at fifty paces and wow, do these look and feel superb.  As a totally natural substance, wool is as durable and long-lasting as it is beautiful. Yes, you will need to invest but no, you will not be disappointed.

A good compromise is an 80:20 wool/nylon mix.  More affordable, but still fabulous. Check out our Hugh Mackay or Westex ranges.

Landlords on the other hand are looking for return on investment.  They’re running a business, after all. Modern, man-made carpets are a great choice here.  Affordable, durable, easy to clean and available in colours other than “landlord beige” these carpets include ranges from Furlong and Abingdon.  

However, a landlord who invests in good carpets is a wise one.  Spending on good quality fixtures and fittings will reap long-term rewards.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl flooring options have seen a massive growth in popularity and for good reason. Our customers love them and it’s a top-seller here. Why? Because they look and feel incredible.  

Expertly designed, manufactured and fitted with care and attention (naturally), you’d have to look twice or even three times to know that the floor wasn’t stone, slate or wood – even down to the imperfections that occur naturally.   

A cheap option?  Certainly not. An excellent choice?  Yes indeed.

Wooden Flooring

If you’re after a bit of high-end style, a wooden floor is for you.  

The wonderful warm tones of wood are naturally enhanced and then cut and fitted to complement the room in question.  It’s a bit of the “wow” factor here. Stunning in kitchens, living rooms, conservatories, or almost anywhere, a wooden floor evokes a touch of luxury in stylish homes or in properties with larger rooms.

Ask us about which is best: solid wood, engineered wood or even bamboo.  All of them are truly lovely and we’ve got the expertise and knowledge to advise you.  We “wooden” want you to make the wrong decision. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

All you may need on top of your floor is a…


The quality of a more expensive rug speaks for itself.  You’ll notice immediately the depth of colour, the manufacturing and finishing, and of course how it feels under foot.

A cheaper rug may suit its purpose, but will look, quite frankly…well, cheap.  If you invest in decorating, even hanging beautiful pictures and searching for the perfect sofa, then your floor covering should equally match that beauty and detail.

The lustre and depth of our luxury rug range must be seen and felt to be believed.  The weave, colours and designs of our Ted Baker and Sanderson ranges are exceptional, for example and well worth the price tag.

So, What’s the Conclusion?

If you can, invest in the best.

  • Consider your room size, the furniture and how many pairs of feet will be walking over the floor during its lifetime.
  • Take advice from the experts at Forest Flooring.  We really know our subject, offering expert guidance to help you make this important decision.
  • Above all, choose something that you love and that gives your room personality.  It’s so important to take your time, spend wisely but focus on the best. You and your family deserve it.