Rugs from Forest Flooring

Designer Rugs 

Forest Flooring offers a hand-picked selection of off-the-peg, custom-made and designer rugs.  Without a doubt, a special rug is a lovely way to complement your flooring.  In our opinion, these lovely items will transform any room in your home and give you pleasure for years to come.

High Quality Rugs

For a touch of luxury, we sell the Ted Baker rugs range. These are cutting edge, designer styles are created to a superlative level of quality.  Ted Baker rugs are colourful!  These delightful rugs are a hands-down winner with our customers.

We also offer the famous Sanderson range.  Woven on Axminster looms, these lovely rugs aren’t just beautiful, they’re technically perfect, too.  This collection offers numerous distinctive colour palettes as well as unusual striking designs and patterns.  What’s more, for a superb underfoot feel, all the rugs are 100% wool.

These descriptions and images can only say so much.  Drop by to our showroom to see just how stunning and strokable these rugs truly are.

Your Own Customised Rug from Our Carpet Ranges

Have you seen one of our carpet ranges that you admire from our samples?  Can we make a rug from it? Yes, of course. All our carpets can be made into a stylish rug, cut to size and delivered to your door as part of the service.

We also offer a variety of eye-catching, customised edging techniques for that special finishing touch, such as whip stitching, or borders made of linen, cotton and even suede or leather.

A Stylish Rug for Your Home

Rugs offer instant style and colour accents.  Moreover, adding a rug could be that final touch that your room needs.  Choose a contrasting and complementary colour and it will draw together the tones and shades of key pieces in the room.  It takes minutes to roll out a rug, but the results are often stunning.

Protection is a key factor, too.  In areas of heavy foot traffic, a good quality rug doesn’t just look good: it offers a shield, making the most of your investment in a carpet.

With a rug from Forest Flooring, you can move it to any space easily and quickly. Consquently, this is a totally flexible option for your home, giving you the opportunity to move it from one room to another, as the dynamic of your household changes, perhaps.

Comfort is key.  Hardwood or tiled floors are fabulous, of course, but a thick, luxurious rug provides softness underfoot – and looks great, too.

A rug tends to minimise noise, absorbing the echoes of feet on a wooden floor.  Definitely worth considering if you have neighbours below you.

Forest Flooring.  Our Range of Rugs

Forest Flooring sells an excellent collection of rugs.  We have an excellent ready made in-house collection, which can be customised exactly to your specifications.  Designed to complement and add interest and colour to your home, these are rugs like no other.

In addition to our designer range, we’re also delighted to offer the following:

Alternative Flooring designs a range of first-class rugs, often eclectic and just that little bit “different”. Choose from their ready-made range or commission something unique.

The choice and quality of rugs from Crucial Trading demonstrates their innovation and skill in the world of interior design. Using only natural materials, make your decision from a substantial variety of sizes, styles and colours.

Come and see us or give us a call.  We are waiting to hear from you and will be pleased to show you our range of rugs.