Woollen and Wool Mix Carpets

For superb comfort underfoot, rich colours and textures, Forest Flooring offers you a fabulous range of natural woollen carpets.

These carpets are the ultimate choice in quality and luxury.  Yes, this type of flooring is more expensive, but your home is your castle, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s your special place, where you and your family return every evening to relax at the end of the day.  Your home is also where little ones run around.  We think the expression here is wear and tear…

However, perhaps you would prefer a wool-mix carpet? An excellent idea for a superior look and feel at an affordable price.

In any case, an investment in a wool or wool-mix carpet is your best option for elegance and sophistication.

Why Choose a Woollen Carpet?

  • As wool is a totally natural substance, it provides a superb performance.  It has long-lasting durability and a natural “crimp” to bounce it back into shape.  It has an intrinsic strength and maintains its appearance over many years.  Yes, even with all the every-day comings and goings of the average family.
  • A woollen carpet is easy to care for.  Why?  Because it maintains its natural oils and will be able to shrug off dirt and most stains.  Mostly, all you need do is vacuum your carpet or rug on a regular basis to keep it looking at its best (although some quick thinking may be required with some household spillages, of course).
  • Wool is exceptionally comfortable underfoot.  Again, as a natural substance it acts as an insulator, keeping your house warm and cosy in the winter.  It’s even flame resistant, offering you and your family safety and peace of mind.

Ask us about our range of British and New Zealand woollen carpets.  With its pure softness, the latter is the height of luxury, although our home-grown offering is a popular choice, too.

Wool Mix Carpets

Here at Forest Flooring, we offer a fabulous range of wool mix carpets and rugs.  Our 80:20 ranges (80% wool, 20% man-made) combine the best of both aspects, with many of our brands offering superior quality at prices that may surprise you.

A wool-mix carpet feels like the “real thing”, but has a great resilience to stain, and to wear and tear.  You can capture that lovely woollen aesthetic without the cost, so if you’re not too worried about authenticity, this is the material for you.

Our range of wool and wool mix carpets includes:


This high-quality brand offers a carpet selection with a distinct difference: With a carpet of more than 40 square metres, Westex offers a special dye service, enabling your carpet to be matched to a colour, shade and tone of your choice.

Colour matching such as this can truly enhance your interior spaces, offering style and grace to your interiors.

Hugh Mackay

These are top quality wool-mix carpets.

They come in great styles, patterns and colours, too.  Did you know that the Durham Twist collection, for example, has over 60 colours and 3 different weights and 2 widths?  What’s more, with carpets larger than 20 square metres, they will create stripes of any width – wonderful for that bespoke look in your home.

If you run a sports or leisure club, Hugh Mackay will be happy to include your logo in the carpet of your choice.  This works brilliantly in domestic games rooms, too, so feel free to nail your favourite team’s colours to the mast – or your carpet, rather!

Keen to Find Out More? Come in and See Us

So, a choice of our outstanding woollen carpets or a wool mix carpet?  If you’re not sure what to choose, why not drop into our premises in Forest Row?  You will be sure of a warm welcome.

If you’re feeling shy, you could contact us via this website.

Whatever you decide, a new carpet can totally transform your home so we’re looking forward to hearing from you.